Mario Forever: Minus Worlds - The History

The project started on second part of August 2014. I created my first levels with Radel engine but due to it's glitchy nature and other problems I have to start everything again - remake all levels I've made and add new one. Thanks to help of some people like Mariovariable3410 I was able to build my first relase with 100% Mario Forever style.


From that time many things changed: I've added new worlds, learned much things about programing, graphic and sound editing. So far my game contain 4 normal worlds, 2 custom worlds, 2 special worlds and 2 special levels.


Current relase: v1.8

Next relase: v2.0

Version                  Relase date
 v1.0 30.10.2014
v1.5 13.01.2015
v1.6 21.01.2015
v1.8 24.08.2015
vX.X XX.XX.2016

Beyond 1 - Secret World








 World 0 - 1st Special

World added

Latest Relase Download: