Submit a Level Project - Round 1


SAL project is back and with new rules.


Since not everyone has his own Mario Forever engine or neither know how to use MMF 2 I decided that from now all levels has to be done with Mario Worker. Both versions 2.2 and 1.7.1 are able, with preference of 2.2 one. You can make minimum 1 level and maximum 4 one - that helps to avoid too long scenarios. And last thing - one level has to be sky themed: clouds, lakitus, paratroopas - it's up to you.


Deadline is 22.03.2015, after this date all levels will be judget and the best three will be choose.

The best three will be redone in Mario Forever style, while the first one will be part of my game as one of special worlds.


Wish you all good luck ;-).



1. McGentherius - World A - 89/100 points

2. 12345678904441 - World SkyA - 82/100 points


3. Phantom Sapphire - Activity World - 75/100 points


4. Carl G. - 74/100 points

5. ISAAX69 - 58/100 points

6. Hello Bye - 57/100 points

7. Koopra Xd - 55/100 points

8. Mikl2014RUS - 51/100 points

9. Gmod Gamming 48/100 points


Overall most of the levels was nicely done. However there are small things that most of you forget, so here's small critique, wich will help you to improve your design skills:


1. Theme - As I said on video one level has to be done in cloud or sky theme. Most of you forget about it. It's not hard to do this - use layout that will give this feeling - clouds in background, flying enemies like paratroopas & lakitu.


2. Scenery - the problem of levels wich are behind first three is mostly scenery. It's realy important to add stuff like trees, hills, clouds & fences. These things make level more intresting.


3. Difficulty balance - well, that's realy important thing. Remember that dead traps are not welcome. Also don't forget to put too many enemies in one place. Use same rule for placing bonus stuff like mushrooms, coins etc.


4. Level Design - avoid making flat parts of level (without enemies, scenery or bonuses) or short levels.


That's all what I wanted to say. Don't forget to check winners worlds, since they are well done. Especialy the first placed one. wich as I said will be part of Minus Worlds game.

Name: Editor used: Number of levels:
ISAAX69 Mario Worker 2.2  3 levels - scenario
Koopra Xd Mario Worker 1.7.1 4 levels - scenario
Mikl2014RUS Mario Worker 1.7.1 4 levels - scenario
Phantom Sapphire Mario Worker 1.7.1 4 levels - scenario

Mario Worker 2.2

3 levels - scenario

Mario Worker 2.2

4 levels - scenario
Gmod Gaming

Mario Worker 1.7.1

4 levels - scenario


Hello Bye

Mario Worker 2.2

4 levels - scenario
Carl G.

Mario Worker 1.7.1

2 levels - scenario